How much do you know about the safe use of baby strollers?


The baby stroller is an indispensable item in the famil […]

The baby stroller is an indispensable item in the family nowadays. The appearance of the stroller relieves the burden on the parents, but many parents are too careless about the use of the stroller, and the design of the stroller is completely designed. Other designs are over-utilized by parents. How to use the cart correctly to ensure the safety of your baby?

1. Seat belt inside the stroller, stop and do not forget to step on the brakes

We often remember to wear seat belts while riding a car, forget the seat belts in the stroller, how many families use their parents to push the big things as an excuse, and forget to give the baby a seat belt, no seat belt protection, once it happens Dangerous baby is easy to slip out of the stroller, so whether the baby is awake or asleep in the stroller, be sure to sit down and wear a seat belt. When the stroller stops, step on the brakes to prevent the ground from slipping and the stroller slips. Expected consequences.

2. Do not leave the baby alone in the stroller, nor allow the baby to play in the stroller.

When the baby is in the stroller, he can't leave the adult, so that the baby can't get help in the baby car. Don't let the baby play in the stroller, or even use the baby stroller as a toy in the stroller. This is very dangerous, and the parents must make sure that the cart wheels are fixed and will not move when they let go.

3. The stroller is not overloaded and no hot drinks are placed on the cup holder.

Do not place the item on the stroller more than the limited weight. If it is equipped with a baby push basket, be sure to place the item in the lower position as close as possible to the rear wheel. The weight should not be placed on the armrest. Do not hang your handbag on the armrests to prevent the stroller from tilting backwards due to unbalanced forces. Also, a single stroller can only sit on one baby. It is not possible to squeeze two babies into one stroller. If there are multiple children or twins, a professional double or multi-person stroller should be used. In addition, the stroller cup holder Do not place hot drinks on them to avoid hot drinks spilling on your baby.