How to choose a baby stroller? Different ages have different needs


In fact, many mothers do not understand very well about […]

In fact, many mothers do not understand very well about the choice of baby strollers. Therefore, when buying, it is often "whatever is better, which one to buy". Different ages of babies are at different stages of development. Therefore, when choosing, mothers should also choose according to their own situation. Today, I will teach you how to choose a baby stroller that is really suitable for your baby.

First of all, mothers need to know what kinds of strollers are available.

The first type: high landscape cart
This high-view cart can be subdivided into full lying and semi-lying. This high-view cart is very convenient whether you are at home or for a long time. And generally has a good suspension effect, the safety factor of the brake system is also relatively high.

Second: ordinary type of cart
Ordinary type of cart, usually half-sitting, can not lie down. Therefore, it is relatively suitable for use when traveling. Moreover, most of these ordinary carts are light, some can be folded, and are very convenient to carry.

So, how do you choose a cart that suits your baby?

0-1 year old baby

For 0-1 year old babies, it is best to use a high landscape car. Even if you don't choose a high landscape, you need to choose a cart with a higher field of view. This will prevent your baby from inhaling excessive car exhaust and other polluting gases. Moreover, the higher the car's shock absorption effect must be better. Your baby's brain and spine are in a rapid developmental stage. Excessive bumps can affect brain development, while sitting for a long time can affect your baby's spine development. Therefore, it is best for babies of this age to use high-view strollers.

1-2.5 baby

After 1 year old, the baby's spine development has basically taken shape. Therefore, a semi-sitting stroller can be used. However, this age baby is more active. Therefore, you must not use a full-riding stroller, and your baby can easily roll over. Secondly, it is necessary to choose a seat belt to prevent the baby from falling from the car.

In general, high-view strollers are more suitable for babies who are younger and less aggressive. The ordinary car is suitable for the older ones, and can be used by the baby who is acting on their own. Do you remember them?